• Feel confident and whole right after surgery
  • Streamlined recovery with less downtime
  • Receive care from renowned breast cancer and reconstruction surgeons

Procedures include: direct-to-implant reconstruction, Goldilocks mastectomy, nipple-sparing mastectomy, SWIM mastectomy, and lumpectomy.

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"Dr. Richardson is consummate professional and an expert in her field ... I can’t say enough about how I felt completely taken care of by her and her staff at the Bedford Breast Center. " 

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"Dr Memsic is an outstanding surgeon ... She is warm and caring. Her staff is lovely to deal with." 

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"These women are the best in their field ... I felt like I got behind the velvet rope and had access to the level of medical care that LeBron James has!!" 

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Bedford Breast Center offers advanced breast reconstruction options, each designed to streamline your journey to recovery. With a focus on innovation, we prioritize a single-surgery approach that minimizes patient downtime and maximizes comfort.  






Q: How does single-stage breast reconstruction differ from traditional techniques? 

A: Single-stage breast reconstruction procedures, such as those  performed at Bedford Breast Center, offer several advantages over traditional techniques: 

Q: Is immediate breast reconstruction an option for prophylactic mastectomy?

Women at high risk may opt for preemptive breast surgery as a defense against the potential onset of breast cancer. Faced with this challenging decision, patients find a comforting choice in Bedford Breast Center's single-stage reconstruction techniques, which simplify recovery. Immediate reconstruction with reduced scarring and downtime is a reassuring prospect for those undergoing preventive mastectomy.  

Q: Will my insurance cover breast screenings? 

Most health insurance plans cover the cost of breast screenings, particularly routine mammograms, as they are considered preventive services. Coverage can vary based on your insurance provider, plan details, and the frequency of the screenings. For diagnostic screenings that may be necessary due to symptoms or the discovery of a lump, coverage will depend on your specific insurance plan.  

  • Immediate Reconstruction After Breast Cancer: Traditional breast reconstruction often involves a two-stage process, beginning with the placement of tissue expanders during mastectomy to stretch the skin and make room for a future implant. This is followed by a second surgery to place the permanent implants.  Single-stage reconstruction provides immediate reconstruction.

  • Reduced Recovery Time: By combining the mastectomy and reconstruction into one procedure, single-stage breast reconstruction reduces overall recovery time.  

  • Psychological Benefits: Waking up with breasts already reconstructed can provide significant psychological benefits, offering a sense of "wholeness" and aiding the emotional recovery after a cancer diagnosis. 

  • Aesthetic Outcomes: Since reconstruction is done immediately, our surgeons can better preserve the natural breast skin envelope and potentially the nipple-areola complex, leading to a more natural appearance. 

  • Minimized Scarring: Single-stage procedures minimize scarring and preserve as much of the natural breast tissue and appearance as possible. This differs from traditional methods that may require additional incisions for tissue expanders or flap reconstructions. 

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Before and after bilateral nipple-sparing, sensation-preserving mastectomy with direct-to-implant breast reconstruction



Before and after Goldilocks mastectomy with SWIM breast reconstruction



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With direct-to-implant breast reconstruction, an expert breast surgeon and a board-certified plastic surgeon work together to remove the cancerous tissue and insert the implant. They use minimal incisions for a natural look and minimal scarring.  

Direct-to-Implant Reconstruction 

Breast Reconstruction With Sensation-Preserving Mastectomy 

This technique enables women to maintain feeling in the breast and nipple, offering a more natural postoperative experience. Our expert surgeons perform this delicate 3-step procedure to remove the cancer while preserving vital nerves, followed by direct-to-implant reconstruction in a single surgery. 

Goldilocks  Mastectomy/Reconstruction   

For patients who don't want implants but don't want to "go flat," Bedford Breast Center offers the Goldilocks mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction. This skin-sparing mastectomy technique shapes smaller, natural-looking breasts using the patient's own tissue.  

SWIM Breast Reconstruction  

An excellent option for larger-breasted individuals, this implant-freeone-stage procedure offers patients the ease of a single surgery with superior cosmetic outcomes. 


Bedford Breast Center is home to a team of professionals who are experts in their fields and advocates for your breast health. Our surgeons, radiologists, technicians, and support staff work together to deliver care that's both technically advanced and warmly personal.  

Bedford Breast Center surgeons Dr. Heather Richardson

Dr. Heather Richardson 

Dr. Heather Richardson has made significant contributions to the field of breast surgery, including the development of the Goldilocks mastectomy—a procedure that utilizes a patient's own tissue for breast reconstruction, circumventing the need for implants. With a practice encompassing advanced mastectomy techniques and oncoplastic breast conservation, Dr. Richardson is recognized for her surgical acumen and empathetic patient care. 

Bedford Breast Center surgeon Dr. Heather Richardson
Bedford Breast Center surgeon Dr. Leslie Memsic

Dr. Leslie Memsic 

Dr. Leslie Memsic is an esteemed breast cancer surgeon known for her compassionate patient care and remarkable surgical precision. Celebrated by her peers and patients with numerous accolades such as "Most Compassionate Doctor" and "America's Top 10 Doctors," she stands out for her dedication to clinical excellence and aesthetic finesse in breast surgery. She is at the forefront of surgical innovation, pioneering techniques in skin-sparing and nipple-preserving mastectomies. 

Bedford Breast Center surgeons Dr. Leslie Memsic
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Credentials You Can Trust

Dr. Lisa Cassileth  

Dr. Lisa Cassileth is a pioneer in breast cancer reconstruction and complex revision surgeries. She created one-stage breast reconstruction, which has become the standard of care for many breast cancer patients. Dr. Cassileth also developed SWIM, an implant-free reconstruction technique that preserves the nipple and uses native tissue to create a natural breast. Recognized for her warm, supportive care and skill, she's earned awards including "Most Compassionate Doctor" and "America's Most Honored Doctors."

Bedford Breast Center surgeon Dr. Heather Richardson
Bedford Breast Center surgeon Dr. Leslie Memsic

Dr. Kelly Killeen 

Dr. Kelly Killeen is passionate about breast reconstruction and helping women put their breast cancer experience behind them with natural-looking breasts. One of the best double board-certified plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, Dr. Killeen is recognized by her peers as one of "LA's Top Doctors" and was a cast member and featured plastic surgeon in the E! series Dr. 90210 in 2020. In addition to breast reconstruction, Dr. Killeen is known for her expertise in breast reduction surgery.